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Pixelaw is an architectural and interior design photography company that simply aims to help the design industry of Malaysia. Great photos are important to show professionalism for the entire industry and to justify the amount of work put into completing each designer's masterpiece. The hope here is to elevate Malaysia's design industry image into international level through photographic medium. This " first impression" is important not just to industry players but I believe is also crucial to the general community. Drawing attention from the public is an integral part to help expand the industry. Without the support from the public, the industry will simply be in a standstill and we will be in a closed conversation among ourselves, In order to achieve this vision, Pixelaw does not operate by exploiting from this "niche" segment. Affordability is of emphasis to help propel the main goal of this company. As someone who came from this industry, I truly wish this vision is not just wishful thinking. 



Dip. Architecture Taylor's University
Bac. of Science (Architecture) (Honours) Taylor's University
Tel:  016 8801848
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